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Taiwanese Children's English Teacher

Job details

Location:Taiwan, Taichung City- Xitun District- Gansu Road
Date added:23.3.2020
Employer:Live ABC Zhuoyuejiang Branch

Job description

Local Live ABC branch in Taichung City, Xitun district (甘肅路 Gansu Road) is looking for a full-time Taiwanese English teacher. (Foreign teachers, teachers from countries other than Taiwan aren't welcome to apply)! The suitable candidate will be in charge of administration, writing lesson plans, worksheets, teaching children English and teaching the students who are falling behind one on one after class. The boss is a kindhearted and patient businessman, who is willing to spend time to train and nurture the new teacher so that they can teach with our materials. The teacher will work in cooperation with the foreign teacher and be required to arrange the teaching schedules and lesson material for their class and the foreign teacher's class (worksheets and preparation/printing of test papers).

Requirements for applicants:

1) Must have passed GEPT upper-intermediate test (speaking, writing, listening and reading).

2) Must be familiar with methods used to teach children English and have at least 1 or two years of experience teaching children's English in a legitimate English cram school.

3) Must have the ability to prepare lesson plans and teaching materials for students' classes.

4) Must have the cooperative and willing to follow instructions.

Those interested may contact Teacher Andrew (either Facebook or on Line. Contact teacher Andrew by adding his Line ID: abbgogo1987. Interview time will have to be on a Wednesday afternoon or anytime during the day on Friday.

Salary: is reasonable and in accordance with the teacher's teaching abilities, level of cooperation. Salary will be discussed at the interview.

(Foreign teachers, teachers from countries other than Taiwan aren't welcome to apply)!

How to apply

Contact person to apply this job is


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Add my line: abbgogo1987

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